April 8, 2015



got frayed iphone cords?

bright idea to charge your phone

usb beauty 



  • Superfly Cables USB charging cables

  • A colorful way to charge your iphone

  • MFI Certified and Approved Lightning Cable for all versions of iOS

  • Tightly fused cable & connector to prev...

February 26, 2015


very bright idea

 providing light and power

...while sharing the sun



  • The WakaWaka Power+ is a lightweight, portable solar charger and LED light source

  • Can be fully charged after 12 hours in the sun

  • Fully charges an iPhone in about 2 hours

  • Light sourc...

January 6, 2015


if you must take them...

 here's a very bright idea

next level selfie



  • The VIBE Xtension Selfie Flash from Lenovo

  • Allows for better indoor selfies

  • Selfie Flash has eight diffused LEDs

  •  Shines steady light (vs. actual flash)

  • Can be used for selfie...

December 1, 2014


sloppy earbud cords

 a tangled audio mess

wires organized!!



  • Spoolee makes earbud cord managment easy

  • Tangled earbud cords can drive you crazy

  • Ray Walker solves earbud cord mess with Spoolee

  • Spoolee coils the cords onto a durable neoprene spool

  • J...

November 12, 2014


tangled up no more

 best of beats unemcumbered

Santa...i've been good!



  • Beats Solo2 Wireless headhpones

  • A Bluetooth version of Beats Solo2 headphones

  • Listen to media within 30 feet of the paired device

  • Allows you to take hands-free calls with the buil...

October 29, 2014


record your workouts

 super watch fitness tracker

phone-less GPS!



  • The Surge coming in November from Fitbit

  • Some very cool functionality self contained on a watch

  • Functions include:

    • GPS tracking records workout speed, distance, elevation and splits


September 30, 2014


we've waited for this

an entry-level HERO

beyond action sports



  • GoPro's new entry level HERO camera

  • The essense and quality of GoPro in a user-friendly camera

  • The GoPro experiences now simplified with strong feature set including:

    • captures stunning...

September 29, 2014


capture everything

behold...a super HERO

spec-laden monster



  • GoPro just announced the launched of the GoPro HERO4 Black camera

  • GoPro's most advanced camera to date in three version: Standard, Surf, and Music

  • Here are some specs on this monster action cam:


September 19, 2014

great sounding decor

furnish with style and sound

music to your eyes



  • Custom cabinets for the Albergo speaker by Tivoli Audio

  • The cabinets:

    • 16 cabinets styles to choose from (like Camouflage Light shown above)

    • Dizzing amount of options with paire...

September 12, 2014

with 6 in the mix...

...a great case for a great case

the trade-in payoff



  • iphone 6 and 6 Plus will hit the street soon

  • The benefits of a great case can not be understated

  • A case provides protection from everyday wear and tear to your phone

  • Screen crac...

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