February 26, 2015


very bright idea

 providing light and power

...while sharing the sun



  • The WakaWaka Power+ is a lightweight, portable solar charger and LED light source

  • Can be fully charged after 12 hours in the sun

  • Fully charges an iPhone in about 2 hours

  • Light sourc...

February 17, 2015


wax on...water off!

sustainable protection

keeping your gear dry



  • Otter Wax fabric wax

  • A 100% natural fabric wax for water repllency

  • All ingredients derived from natural and sustainable sources - (not petroleum!)

  • Ideal for use on shoes, packs, hats, j...

November 25, 2014


trail-ready craft beer

 an anywhere brewery

brew innovation



  • Pat's Backcoutnry Beverages is a portable carbonation beverage making system

  • The company's ground-breaking product can make beer anywhere!!

  • Think a portable Sodastream meets craft brewery

  • Ad...

November 6, 2014


for joe on the road

 bringing the heat for hours

hot stocking stuffer!



  • The Forge from Camelbak

  • An innovative travel mug designed for keeping beverages hot

  • Bottle is double-walled and vacuum insulated - keeps drinks hot for 4+ hours

  • The self-sealing l...

August 2, 2014

for healthy cooking

safe, ceramic, non-stick pan

for a green kitchen



  • The Lima 3D "I Love Meat & Poultry" Frypan (11") by Green Pan

  • Pan uses Thermolon™ - a ceramic, non-stick coating

  • Thermolon™ is healthy, safe and contains no toxic chemicals

  • Pan not...

July 7, 2014

refresh your neckwear

sartorical second life

a fat farm for ties



  • SkinnyFatties is an truly innovative service

  • Send your favorite ties to SkinnyFatties and they will make your tie skinny

  • Ties reconstructed in lengths between 2 and 3 inches (in quarter inch...

March 11, 2014

A-game of golf pants

Al O'Czervik anyone?

18 holes of luck



  • No one does it like Loudmouth Golf

  • In golf it's better to be lucky than good

  • Tons of horribly awesome golf styles to choose from

  • $95 a pair for some extra luck on the links



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