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Gear Haiku #37 Baseball Opening Day Gear and Gifts

spring training is done

boys of summer take the field

the ump shouts "Play Ball!"

  • Baseball photos from the first half of the 20th century

  • From the glass negatives by legendary photographer Charles M. Conlon

  • Prints start at $99 from the The Conlon Collection

  • 1939 New York Knights T-shirt for $29 from Ebbets Field Flannels

  • The Wonderboy lightning bolt on the sleeve

  • Only Redford could wear it better than you

  • The Baseball Scorekeeper is a great gift for baseball geeks

  • Keep score at the game with sheets for 40 games

  • Contains a handy, secure pocket for ticket stubs

  • At $16 it's cheaper than ballpark food

  • It's Wrigley Field's 100th Annivesary

  • The Rawlings ball has the Wrigley Field 100th Anniversary logo

  • Ball will be the game ball used at every Cubs home game this year

  • A piece of history for $30

  • Kevin Guilfoile’s "A Drive into the Gap" from FIELD NOTES BRAND BOOKS

  • A great short story about fathers and sons...and baseball

  • Available for $6.95


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