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Gear Haiku #79 On Tap Beer Scented Yankee Candle

no scandal candle

gift for dad that doesn't stink

Father's Day on tap!

  • The On Tap draft beer scented Yankee Candle

  • Part of the Man Candle collection of candles guys will appreciate

  • The Man Candle lineup also includes

  • Camouflage – woodsy blend of , golden leaves and tree bark (NEW!)

  • Man Town - a masculine blend of spices, woods and musk

  • MMM, Bacon! – slobber-inducing aroma of sizzling bacon

  • Riding Mower – the evocative, summery scent of fresh cut grass

  • A Father's Day gift that doesn't stink in two sizes for $18 or $28

  • Pair the candle with some great beer and dad will be very happy


#awesome #craftbeerfriday #dad #fathersday #funny #giftidea #home #mancave

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