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Gear Haiku #82 Hornitos Black Barrel Tequila

a unique spirit

try redefined tequila

should give it a shot

  • Hornitos Black Barrel (21+ please) is a smooth, triple aged, 100% blue agave tequila

  • Hornitos Tequila is triple aged in oak barrels over 18 months

  • First, aged in American Oak barrels for 12 months

  • Next, it's moved to deep charred oak barrels for 4 months

  • Last, the tequila is finished off in oak barrels for a final 2 months

  • The result is unique tequila that has taken on characteristics of a whiskey

  • Smoky, oaky yet smoothed out and mild

  • Certainly retains the sweet agave and some vanilla hints

  • A great change of pace served as a shot, and breathes new life into tequila cocktails

  • This tequila zigs while all others zag- available now for around $30 (750ml)


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