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GearHaiku #144 Making A Case for iPhone 6 Case

with 6 in the mix...

...a great case for a great case

the trade-in payoff

  • iphone 6 and 6 Plus will hit the street soon

  • The benefits of a great case can not be understated

  • A case provides protection from everyday wear and tear to your phone

  • Screen cracks, scuffs and water damage can all be avoided with a great case

  • A huge benefit to a great case can be seen when you're ready to give it up phone

  • Phone trade-ins can provide the chepaest way to get the latest phone

  • iPhone 5S are seeing roughly a $300 trade in value towards an iPhone 6

  • It litterally pays to keep your phone in excellent condition

  • The case for a great case infographic was provided by Otterbox

  • Otterbox is ready to protect your iPhone 6 with their Defender Series cases


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