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GearHaiku #148 Dance Floor Arsenal

dance floor 101

cocktail-less party courage

moves equal date bait

  • The Dance Floor Arsenal e-book

  • An e-guidebook and course that will teach dance fundementals

  • 14 days til dancing confidently at parties, clubs, weddings, etc

  • Over 20 video lessons

  • Features step by step tutorials for tons of different dance moves

  • Includes methods and exercises to help your body instantly find your rhythm

  • Confidence building techniques for dancing with women

  • Insight on dancing from a woman’s perspective

  • Dance playlists for exposure to party and club music

  • Course includes direct email access to the Dance Floor Arsenal team

  • A $30 course in party and social confidence is cheap date

  • Will make you a fully confident social dancer or your money back!


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