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GearHaiku #155 Whiskey Wedge

chilled - not watered down

slowly melts ice in your drink

"on the rock"...not rocks

  • The Whiskey Wedge from the makers of Corkcicle

  • Comes with a double double-Old Fashioned whiskey glass and a silicone form

  • Used to form an ice wedge inside the glass

  • The wedge reduces the icy surface area to slow the melting process

  • Drink will stay chilled and dilutes more slowly than a drink "on the rocks"

  • To use:

  • Put silicone form over top of glass

  • Fill with water via the hole on top of silicone form to the "Fill Line"

  • Place in freezer for 4 hours

  • Pull silicone mold out of the glass with the pull tab

  • Pour in your favorite spirit...and Cheers!

  • The Whiskey Wedge is a great stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift

  • Whiskey Wedge is $15 and starts shipping in November


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