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GearHaiku #166 Freescape Camp Kitchen Knife

kitchen meets campsite

next-level outdoor cooking

must-get for food prep

  • The Freescape Camp Kitchen Knife from Gerber

  • A versatile camping knife that takes its cues from a Santoku chef's knife

  • 6 ½ ounce knife aces all food prep tasks yet stands up to the rigors of camping use

  • Has a rugged-zied, grppy handle and steel blade

  • It's dishwasher safe so it's at home in the kitchen and trail

  • Comes with a durable sheath for saftey

  • Overall knife length: 9.1" (blade length: 3.8")

  • A great gift for the culinary outdoorsman

  • A must-have $46 get for the outdoors chef


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