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GearHaiku #179 Pat's Backcountry Beverages

trail-ready craft beer

an anywhere brewery

brew innovation

  • Pat's Backcoutnry Beverages is a portable carbonation beverage making system

  • The company's ground-breaking product can make beer anywhere!!

  • Think a portable Sodastream meets craft brewery

  • Add carbonation to Pat's proprietary beer concentrates via a portable bottle kit

  • Only a source of fresh water needed- watch the process below

  • Two types of beers available

  • Pale Rail - a 5.2% ABV (pint) well balanced ale

  • Black Hops - a 6.1% ABV (pint) Cascade hops meets roasted malts

  • Pat's beers make easy to take (make) beer on the trail

  • Pat's Backcountry Beveages also includes a line of soft drinks

  • Cola, Root Beer, Lemon-Lime Ginger Ale and Promegranate Cola

  • These beverages are green = a 90% reduction of enviornmental impact of like beverages

  • The basic Carbonator Bottle Starter Kit is $50

  • 4-Packs of beer concentrate are sold for $10 here


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