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GearHaiku #183 Spoolee Earbud Cord Manager

sloppy earbud cords

a tangled audio mess

wires organized!!

  • Spoolee makes earbud cord managment easy

  • Tangled earbud cords can drive you crazy

  • Ray Walker solves earbud cord mess with Spoolee

  • Spoolee coils the cords onto a durable neoprene spool

  • Just pull the earbuds to unwind the spool and deploy the cords

  • The soft material can compresses so it's easy to store in tight places

  • Earbuds secured to Spoolee with velcro strap

  • Compatible with straight or right-angle jacks

  • Spoolee comes in 5 colors and is available on Kickstarter for $9


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