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GearHaiku #192 DV8 Sports Golf Clubs

clubs re-invented

golf without all the baggage

good walk still spoiled

  • DV8 Sports Golf Clubs

  • A new approach to golf to make the game more accessible and easier to play

  • DV8 Sports has patented a stainless steel coupler technology

  • The coupler allows a full set of golf club heads to be interchanged on a single shaft

  • Without any tools, change out different golf club heads in less than three seconds

  • The DV8 set about one-third the weight and one-quarter the size of a traditional set

  • System housed in a very easy to carry backpack

  • The DV8 set is ideal for travel

  • Bonus: DV8 backpack has a tablet sleeve to allow for swing recording and video instruction

  • The DV8 system comes in different configurations starting at around $500


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