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GearHaiku #197 Bee Bald Man Care Products

the buzz for bald guys

sensitive scalps can rejoice

great for guys "without"

  • Bee Bald Man Care Products

  • A lineup of skin care products sprecifically for guys without hair (by choice or not!)

  • The Bee Bald face and scalp skin care lineup includes:

  • Shave - a shave cream with honey extracts for an incredibly some shave

  • Scrub - an exfoliating scrub that cleans deep and rejuvenates skin

  • Clean - for daily use to hydrate the scalp and face

  • Heal - packed with natural ingredients to relieve skin post-shave

  • Smooth - a moisturizer to control scalp oil and shine

  • Sold as individual products or sets (regular and travel size)

  • Products start at under $10 not including some nice discounts via on site coupons


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