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GearHaiku #198 Noke by FŪZ Designs

combination lock

...without the combination

the evolved padlock

  • Noke (as in "no key") by FŪZ Designs

  • A combinationless lock that operates from a smartphone

  • With the iOS/Androd app Noke automatically pairs to your phone via Blueooth

  • Extremely durable Noke is meant for both indoor and outdoor use

  • Noke's internal battery lasts about a year and can be changed easily without tools

  • Noke allows instant and secure shared access to the lock:

  • Choose either permanent, one-time, or custom sharing settings

  • Can also manually (w/o app) access Noke via Quick-Click technology

  • Program Noke to open via a series long and short taps on the lock to open

  • Similar size as traditional padlocks

  • Noke starts at $60 in either Gray or Black (ships April 2015)


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