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Gear Haiku #210 Valentine's Day Gift Strategy

a little anxious?

...for February 14th

staying CALM is key

Valentine's Day is February 14th and you don't want a severe case of Gift Block...

While there are very few universally perfect gifts, using this foolproof process to find a great gift will make you look like a gift expert. Here’s the guide that will help you stay C.A.L.M. and find that great gift. Just remember these letters.

C. "C" is for conversation or chat. What have you and he talked about recently? Gift idea hints are unknowingly dropped in conversation all the time. Great listeners have all the tools needed to be great gifters.

A. "A" is for affordability. Kind of self-explanatory. A one key to keep in mind is to think about the stage of relationship. You and he should feel comfortable with how much you spend on his gift.

L. "L" is for likes. Try to think about a gift that complements the things he likes to do. But keep in mind, if you don't feel comfortable getting him a gift that relates to his hobbies and interests, you might consider another gift idea.

M. "M" is for modify. When you modify and gift, you take a good gift and make it a great one! Consider the little and most likely free ways you can make a gift really stand out. For exmple, add a personalized note with "Valentine's 2015" written on the inside cover of book you got him. A small personal touch makes the gift just a little more special.


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