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GearHaiku #222 Coolbox

jobsite alpha dog

tools and integrated tech

an evolved toolbox

  • Coolbox is "the world's smartest toolbox"

  • A modern take on a classic toolbox

  • Plenty of tradional tool storage with 1800 cubic inches of capacity

  • Plus a host of tech features to elevate the jobsite:

  • 20v internal, rechargeable lithium polymer battery to run small power tools

  • Battery can power up devices and charges using the retractable power cord

  • Built-in Bluetooth speaker

  • Two USB ports to charge devices

  • Retractable Cord and 3-Way Splitter to distribute power when Coolbox is plugged in

  • Mounted LED lights inside box

  • Dry erase white board inside the box

  • Tablet stand on top of Coolbox

  • Front facing LCD clock

  • All featured packed in a durable, dual-handled and wheeled toolbox

  • Now available at the crowd-sourced friendly price of $189 (3/27 at 11:59pm PT)

  • Since a video is worth a 1000 haikus, check out the clip below


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