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GearHaiku #232 The Explorer Axe Collection by United by Blue


American made

Explorer Axe Collection

some gorgeous choppers!

  • The Explorer Axe Collection by United by Blue

  • Solid hickory wood handle

  • With a two pound, hand sharpened, forged steel axe head

  • Axe eye dried to below 10% moisture to minimize and prevent head loosening

  • Five axe editions designed by United By Blue Explorers

  • United By Blue Explorers are artists, makers, and travelers who love and appreciate the outdoors

  • Axes made in North Carolina and then painted by hand in Philadelphia

  • Another unique American made gift idea

  • Axes from the collection each sell for $165


#hipster #outdoors #usa #fathersday #dyi #manly #awesome #retro #feelgood

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