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Gear Haiku #92 - Tivoli Audio Albergo With Custom Cabinets

great sounding decor

furnish with style and sound

music to your eyes

  • Custom cabinets for the Albergo speaker by Tivoli Audio

  • The cabinets:

  • 16 cabinets styles to choose from (like Camouflage Light shown above)

  • Dizzing amount of options with paired the five Albergo speaker colors

  • Cabinets range between $80 and $100

  • The Albergo clock radio speaker:

  • A gorgeous speaker that's both minimal and sophistcated looking

  • Streams music wirelessly via Bluetooth

  • Contains an FM tuner

  • Comes in 5 style-suiting colors

  • Front display has a clock with dual alarms, snooze and sleeptimer

  • The Albergo clock radio is $250


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