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GearHaiku #154 Boxer Briefs by tasc Performance

comfort marries tech

your new favorite boxers

you'll want a drawer-full

  • The Boxer Brief by tasc Performance

  • tasc's Mosotech fabric make these boxers go-to gear

  • Mosotech is:

  • Lightweight

  • Breathable and temperature-regulating

  • Has anti-order properties

  • Moisture-wicking

  • All technical properties do not wash out over time

  • Extremely comfortable "next-to-skin" soft

  • Comes in four colors: white, heather gray, black, and "kryptonite"

  • A great stocking stuffer gift and ideal for a guy who needs better underwear

  • The boxer briefs are $24 very well spent (20% off offer availalbe on first orders)

  • Haiku Review below


Frankly guys should not be shy about getting into the game when it comes to good underwear. So GearHaiku is always on the lookout for quality drawers and here's a standout.

Lately, we've been wearing and testing the boxer briefs from tasc Performance. And while you should read on to get the full gist of these boxers, let's just say, we've got a new "Monday" pair of underwear.

Based on comfort alone, these boxers are an instant hit. The moment the boxers are slipped on, you notice the organic cotton and bamboo blend is a noticable ungrade from everything else is in your underwear drawer. They are extremely soft with just the right amount of stretch. They have "Goldilocks" compression- as in, just ther right amount of snugness.

After your initial impression of the amazing comfort, you notice some of the tech elements in play here. The key is this organic cotton and bamboo fabric. You'll notice the boxers are breathable and stay cool. On warmer days, they remain cool and deter chaffing as they wick moisture away from the skin.

Another very cool thing is these boxers are anti-ordor. The bamboo fibers actually inhibit growth of odor-causing bacteria. Granted, it's not an ideal (or encouraged) situation, but these boxers stayed out-of-the laundry fresh with two consecutive days of wear. So they are an ideal travel partner when suitcase space is tight.

We've always felt good underwear is a great gift (in the appropriate context, of course). tasc Performance boxers make a great gift for a guy who needs an underwear upgrade. They're also terrific for the frequent traveler. And they'd make for a great stocker stuffer too.

Overall, these are certainly to be considered "Monday" boxers. The boxers you reach for when you have a whole drawer of clean underwear staring you in the face. Ideally though, you'd have a drawer full of tasc boxer briefs.


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